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February 23, 2016

LeafBio Announces Conclusion of ZMapp™ Clinical Trial

February 27, 2015

LeafBio Announces Acceptance of Investigational New Drug Application for Ebola Therapy ZMapp™

February 6, 2015

LeafBio Submits Investigational New Drug Application for Lead Product Candidate ZMapp™ for the Treatment of Ebola Virus Infection

August 6, 2014

Defyrus Inc. and H&P Labs Inc. enter into a Collaboration and Licensing Agreement on DEF201

Welcome to Defyrus

Vials of vaccineDefyrus is developing and out-licensing drugs to fight infectious viral diseases worldwide for public health and biodefence missions. All of Defyrus’ products have the dual use of biodefence and public health, and as such Defyrus collaborates with government agencies and pharmaceutical companies alike in a wide range of infectious disease indications.

In developing our product portfolio, Defyrus strives to discern the most efficient, robust and simple solutions. We are developing products which naturally stimulate the human immune response and which are quick, easy and efficient to deliver.

In partnering with well-placed collaborators worldwide Defyrus is able to capitalize on their extensive experience and leverage our resources to maximize the potential success of our products in global markets.


ZMapp™ - Update August 12, 2014 as of 8:30 AM

The available supply of ZMapp™ has been exhausted. Mapp Biopharmaceutical has complied with every request for ZMapp™ that had the necessary legal/regulatory authorization. It is the requestors’ decision whether they wish to make public their request, acquisition, or use of the experimental drug. Any decision to use ZMapp™ must be made by the patients’ medical team. Drug has been provided at no cost in all cases.