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DEF201 has been designed to maximize patient immunity to respond to challenges with speed and vigor to suppress disease pathogens. DEF201 helps the host combat viral infections by using constitutively produced in situ human = interferon protein; a proven broad spectrum antiviral with significant clinical success. DEF201 is composed of a replication defective Adenovirus vector which encodes the gene for the interferon alpha protein. Applied as a gentle nasal mist, DEF201 enters the cells lining your nose stimulate the host interferon system. In all the infectious viruses tested to date, only a single administration of intranasal DEF201, is required to provide sustained survival benefit in animal models.

DEF201 has been assessed in >80 different in vivo models of viral infection (representing 13 viruses in eight different viral families) and has shown significant survival benefit in all. Thus, DEF201 represents a true broad spectrum antiviral, capable of activity against a wide range of infectious diseases. This illustrates a departure from the traditional “one-bug, one-drug” approach, and leaves the door open to potentially treat new viruses that might not even exist today.

The uniqueness of the DEF201 concept is the judicious selection of innovative, disparate technologies that, when combined, produce a superior product that constitutes a superior medical countermeasure for biodefence indications.

In 2014 Defyrus entered into a strategic partnership and exclusive license with H&P Labs of Montreal. H&P Labs has extensive regulatory experience with biologics and will advance DEF201 to and through clinical evaluation.