Ebola - ZMAb


A combination drug, ZMAb, is composed of equal parts of three monoclonal antibodies directed against the envelope glycoproteins of the Ebola virus. The pioneering work was conducted at the National Microbiology Laboratory (Winnipeg, Canada), through the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). In completed primate studies using a highly lethal challenge, the ZMAb cocktail was able to provide 100% treatment survival when administered 3 days after challenge. Further, ZMAb treatment resulted in low viral loads, mild symptoms and no viral shedding of the challenge agent. (See publications page)

Defyrus has an exclusive license to this technology from PHAC. Our pilot GLP and cGMP manufacturing needs are being met by the Biotechnology Research Institute of the National Research Council of Canada in Montreal in conjunction with colleagues in the US. Larger scale manufacturing contracts are under discussion to address commercial scale production to meet Public Health and Biodefense needs.

In 2014 Defyrus entered into a strategic partnership including an exclusive license with LeafBio (San Diego, CA), an antibody developer with extensive regulatory experience, to advance ZMAb to and through clinical evaluation. LeafBio has combined ZMAb technology with their own monoclonal antibodies to form ZMapp™, a cocktail of three antibodies that is currently being tested in various models to confirm efficacy.